High quality drama coaching in a fun, safe and inspiring environment. 

Important Dates


Spring Term - 8th January to 19th March 2018
Half Term - 12th February to 16th February 2018
Easter School - 3rd April to 6th April 2018
Summer term - 23rd April 2nd July 2018 (Monday classes finish 16th July 2018 due to Bank Holiday on 7th May 2018)
Summer Half-Term - 28th May to 1st June 2018
Showcase - Sunday 8th to Saturday 14th July
Summer School - Monday 30th July to Friday 3rd August
Autumn Term - 17th September to 26th November 2018
Autumn Half-Term - 22nd October to 26th October 2018


Spring Term - Exam Day March 11th 2018 (Mock Exam 4th March)
Summer Term - Exam Day 8th July (Mock Exam 1st July)
Autumn Term - Exam Day 18th November (Mock Exam 11th November)

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