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Communication Guidelines

We expect parents/carers to have questions for our coaches and it may be that a quick question can be answered at drop off/pick up, but this is not guaranteed and often there is not sufficient time to address any queries or concerns raised. Our coaches’ priority is the welfare and wellbeing of our students and delivering quality coaching in a safe environment.

To ensure the smooth and timely running of our sessions, we ask that any queries parents/carers have regarding any aspect of their child’s coaching with Berzerk, or indeed any other matter up to and including complaints, be communicated via email in the first instance. Coaches will endeavour to respond as promptly as possible.

PLEASE NOTE: Berzerk Productions respects the work-life balance of its staff and encourages flexible working. If an email has been sent out of normal working hours, there is no expectation for an immediate response to be provided.

Any general questions or queries regarding coaching; updates regarding a student or known absences should be communicated via email to the lead/assistant coach of the attending individual. Coaches will aim to respond before the next class where possible. or as soon as is practical.

Concerns, Complaints, Safeguarding

To ensure that any concern is dealt with promptly and appropriately, please note the procedure outlined below.

Any concerns, complaints or safeguarding matters should be communicated via email to the lead coach and/or the Creative Director (aundre@berzerkproductions.com) as soon as possible, but absolutely within 7 days of the incident/attending date of the child. Details of the concern/complaint should be as full as possible to allow a comprehensive investigation to be carried out. All concerns/complaints will be acknowledged within 24 working hours even if it is just to inform the individual that we are investigating the matter and will get back to them as soon as is practicable.

  • If possible, the Lead Coach/Creative Director will aim to resolve the matter via email.
  • If this is not possible or appropriate, an informal telephone call will be arranged at a time convenient for both parties to discuss the matter and a follow up email sent to confirm the agreed action to be taken.
  • If it is not possible to reach a satisfactory resolution through informal discussion, a meeting (online/in person) will be arranged at a time convenient for both parties to discuss the matter and a follow up email sent to confirm the agreed action to be taken.
  • If the complaint concerns an individual colleague, where appropriate, we will encourage the parent/carer to contact and discuss the matter with colleague(s) concerned. If the parent feels that this is not appropriate, the matter will be discussed with the Creative Director who will then review the complaint with the individual concerned and try to reach a satisfactory resolution.
  • If child protection issues are raised, the Lead Coach will refer the situation to the company’s safeguarding lead, who will follow the procedures of the Child Protection Policy.

Contact Information

Creative Director: aundre@berzerkproductions.com  

Office: info@berzerkproductions.com

Lead Coaches: pixie@berzerkproductions.com / hollie@berzerkproductions.com

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